AIR Commander Entire

If you are a drone user, wildlife photographer or professional cinematographer, for sure you needed a long-range remote control for your camera many times. No matter, if your camera is mounted on a drone, cinema crane, cable cam, or on the buggy for wildlife photography. AIR Commander Entire is a device you are finding for. Piece of very smart electronics, which is able to control almost any current camera.
Sony Venice CineAlta is available for control via LAN commands. The LAN extension cable for Sony Venice is sold separately and is available at our shop. AIR Commander Entire can remotely control ISO, change ND filters and Start/Stop recording.

How the Entire control Sony Venice?

Option 1 – AIR Commander v2

The most suggested solution is based on AIR Commander Entire as camera remote controller and AIR Commander v2 as a long-range wireless link. AIR Commander v2 will just transfer your commands from the place where you or your camera operator stands and remote location (drone, crane, cable cam or etc.). AIR Commander v2 Receiver just accepts these commands and forwards them to the Entire, which will execute them on your Sony Venice camera. Interconnection between AIR Commander v2 Receiver and the Entire is very simple, just one cable which includes also power for the Receiver. Interconnection cable is included in the basic package of the Entire. The camera is connected via LAN extension cable which is available separately at our shop.

Option 2 – Hobby RC Receiver

Another option is controlling the Entire via usual hobby RC transmitter with S.BUS output. This solution can have a slightly better range, however, hobby transmitter is large, heavy and controlling camera by the stick is not that user-friendly as Option 1. RC Receiver can be powered up from the Entire via S.BUS cable. S.BUS cable is included in a basic package of the Entire. You dont have to use separate RC controller for the camera control, you can use unused SBUS channels from your main RC controller. The basic scheme is in the next picture.

Option 3 – DJI Lightbridge 2

Optionally you can use DJI Lightbridge 2 wireless link from your DJI M600 drone as a control channel. For this solution, you will need DJI Expansion Kit for your DJI Transmitter. This kit enables you to transmit custom commands via Lightbridge to F-Ports of your drone. Because DJI A3 F-ports are only PWM you need to mix them up by PWM->SBUS converter. The basic scheme is in the next picture.

List of functions controlled by the Entire for Sony Venice cameras